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Training Gallery




These are the Planes that we trained in:


The 1940's


SOC-1 Pilot training 1941

NAS Pensacola FL.

SNJ-5 Corpus Christi 1946

Formation Takeoff. Dick Beckner at the controls

SNJ-5 Corpus Christi 1946

Formation Flight. Dick Beckner at the controls.

SNJ Pilot Training 1942

NAS Corpus Christi

SNJ Pilot Training 1942

NAS Corpus Christi

Bob Newman

Fairchild PT-23 Primary Trainer US Army Air Corps


The 1950's


SNJ-5 Carrier Qual USS Antietam 1956

Tony Longo from Vultures Row

T-28B Flight Line 1956

T-28C Formation to the USS Anteitam 1956

Tony Longo at the controls of #725

SNB-4 Expeditor 1950's

Instrument Trainer

SNJ-5 and Frank Grant 1956

Bell Helicopter HTL-6 Ellyson Field

Brand New T-28B's 1956

SNJ over Corry Field 1955

Frank Boushee Jul 18, 1951

NALF Cabaniss with Douglas AD Skyraider

Frank Boushee 1951

Post Carrier Qual in the SNJ


Hop in for a noisy SNJ (T-6 Harvard) Formation Flight




This is a unique look into US Navy Aviation training Circa 1950's.  Thankfully Tony is a Hamm and took many photos during his training.  Thanks Tony for sharing with us.


Beginning in late 1955, the T-34B Mentor replaced the SNJ Texan in the primary phase at Whiting while the T-28 Trojan supplanted the venerable “J bird” in basic. Primary was moved to NAS Saufley in late 1956 while Saufley’s BTG-3 T-28s moved to Whiting to train prop students in the basic instrument/tactics phase. BTG-2, the Training Command’s remaining basic T-28 squadron, transferred to Whiting from Corry in July 1958.


Cadet Tony Longo 1956

NAS Pensacola Basic Training 1956

NAVCAD "Life" 1956

Bachelor Pad, Wheels, and a Uniform. What more do you need?

T-34B 1956

Cadet Tony

T-34B 1956

Tony with Brand New T-34B

T-28s on the Flight Line Whiting Field 1956

I think the "New Car" smell is gone now!

T-28 1956

T-28 Preflight

T-28 1956

T-28 1956

T-28 1956

T-28 1956

USS Anteitam

Tony in #725

T-28 Flight

Tony trying to figure out where he is.

T-28 "on final"

Tony driving

WINGS!!!! 1958

Life starts TODAY. This is the moment that we ALL worked hard for.

F8U-2NE Carrier Quals 1961

F8U-2NE with Tony 1961

F8U-2NE 1961

VT-24 Instructor Duty 1967

F9F-8 Cross Country

VT-24 1967

VT-24 Formation


VT-24 Intructor Duty


VT-24 1967

Friendly Skies over El Paso 1959

Tony with an F9F-8T and a student picked up a "Friend" delivering a brand new F3H Demon at El Paso. A bar-scheduled photo op ensued.



Now hop in and go for a T-28 Trojan ride in a currently restored version.  Turn up your speakers, it' great fun! 




The 1960's


F9F Preflight 1967

Tony Longo

T-28C Engine Failure 1960

Tom Durant, Instructor on the wing.

T-34B and Neel Patrick 1964

Solo Photo NAS Saufley Field

T-2C and Neel Patrick 1965

NAS Meridian MS

TAF-9J VT-25 1967

Tony Longo

Bill Randall 1962 Pensacola

NAVCAD Eager young faces. Bill is second from left.

Bill Randall VT-2 1962

NAAF Whiting Field. BASIC

Bill Randall 1962 VT-2

Doesn't take long to get those "crows feet" flying.

VT-2 Flight Line 1962

T-28's just don't stay clean for very long. Bill Randall took this photo prior to going flying.




The 1970's


T-34B and Steve Hornberger 1971

Solo photo at NAS Saufley Field

Steve Hornberger Solo Tie Cutting 1971

VT-1 Tie Cutting by Primary Flight Instructor Wetzell. Since Steve elected to not conform to the "Standard" tie, Mr. Wetzell elected a non-"Standard" cut.

T-34B 1971

NAS Saufley Field. Steve Hornberger and the T-34 that he soloed.

T-28B and Steve Hornberger 1971

NAS Whiting Filed

Steve Hornberger Basic Student 1971

VT-2 NAS Whiting Field, FL.

TH-1L and Steve Hornberger 1972

NAS Ellyson Field

T-28 Flight Line VT-6

NAS Whiting Field

TH-1L HT-18 1978

Steve Hornberger Flight Instructor. Two students, one as observer. NAS Whiting Field.

TH-1L HT-18 NAS Whiting Field 1978

Steve Hornberger

WINGS!!!! 1972

Steve Hornberger and CO CDR Bolton HT-18. NAF Ellyson Field, Pensacola.

Boomer and T-28C Tojan

VT-6, NAS Whiting Field, 1975

Boomer and TH-1L

HT-18 1976 NAS Whiting Field

Boomer, newly Winged

2nd Lt Robert Milstead, newly Winged 1976.




The 1980's



The 1990's





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