Struggling through Construction

Dating can be immensely awkward, and building a relationship can double or triple that feeling. Learning how to communicate with another person is part of the process, and those without good skills will often find it a struggle. They must learn how to tell the other person their needs, but they must also be willing to compromise when that is needed. Deciding how much compromise they are willing to accept is another part of the process.

Few people set out in life to compromise on their values and goals, but they learn how to do this as they mature into adulthood. Relationships are not very different from other parts of life, and they contain the same decision processes. If a person is unwilling or unable to compromise, their struggles in life will be much worse. Those who are willing to compromise too much will find their life is unsatisfying, and they will end up feeling used and worn out.

Building a relationship is a struggle, and it requires both people to compromise in some areas. Each person needs to understand their needs, and they must be assured these needs will be met. Without this honesty, neither person will be happy within the relationship. There will be misunderstandings, anger and regret. Learning the boundaries, and possibly expanding them, is important when building any relationship because it is an agreement to share a life both people will build with each other.

Constructing a relationship from scratch is a process, and it goes slow for some couples. Other couples find the process relatively fast in the beginning, but they bog down as time passes. They often find they did not have a firm enough foundation for their relationship, and they must go back and shore it up before the building can continue.